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Get the Best Care for Your Volvo at Brown-Daub Volvo Cars Lehigh Valley

Volvos are among the safest and most reliable vehicles, but you can increase the performance and longevity of your vehicle with regular maintenance in Nazareth. Focusing on just a few areas like oil changes, tire care, brake maintenance and regular inspections, you'll eliminate most common issues that cause trouble for Easton drivers and help avoid unexpected break downs.

As investments into your Phillipsburg, NJ vehicle go, oil is one of the least expensive but yields one of the biggest payoffs. Clean oil improves efficiency, and an efficient engine will use less gas and produce less heat. It will also improve the life expectancy of engine parts, since less heat and smooth motions result in less wear and tear, and this will save money on future repairs. Always follow the oil change schedule in your owner's manual and use the oil type suggested for best results.

An inspection can often catch worn hoses, struggling gaskets, low brake pads and worn tires, keeping you from breaking down when you least expect it. It's difficult to know when your brake pads will need to be replaced, because they will wear at a different rate with one Bethlehem driver than with another. An inspection is the best way to know, or you can stay vigilant in looking for a drop in performance or noisy braking.

At Brown-Daub Volvo Cars Lehigh Valley, we care about keeping your new Volvo performing at its best around Lehigh Valley. That's why we use quality parts sourced directly from the manufacturer, rather than third party substitutes that may not fit or perform as well. Our certified technicians all have plenty of experience working on Volvos from Northampton and beyond, so they have the insight and skill to quickly diagnose and fix issues that a more general mechanic may struggle with. Visit us in Nazareth for your maintenance or repair needs today.