At UN Conference, Volvo CEO Puts the Spotlight on the Mobility Needs of the Future: “We can meet [those] demand[s].”

The future of mobility is changing—that much is clear with just a cursory glance around our roadways—but Volvo Cars plans to be on the crest of that wave, not dragging along in the undertow. At the recent bi-annual gathering of the UN Global Compact Nordic Network in Gothenburg (of which Volvo Cars is a founding member), Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson spoke to leaders of other business, companies, and organizations, laying out a few clear directions: autonomous vehicles, electric drivetrains, and connectivity will shape mobility of the future, responding to a changing world and new demands from customers.



The case for sustainability and electrification are more than just environmental and even social—they make good business sense, too. As an example of its commitment to these stated goals, Volvo Cars wants to have up to 1 million fully-electric Volvos cruising the streets by 2025, targeting the same year as the date by which to have climate-neutral manufacturing—both ambitious and very achievable landmarks. But electrification and automation have another goal to incorporate: increased vehicle safety. Volvo Cars believes automation and connectivity will play a large role in a safer roadway for everyone, and it knows this goal cannot lead to true progress unless others participate; that’s why Volvo strives to forge private and public partnerships to share knowledge, advance safety, and reduce emissions. On the road to a cleaner, safer future, Volvo Cars lights the way.

“Our customers want safer, more sustainable and convenient cars,” Mr Samuelsson will say. “We can meet that demand, be a force for change and grow our business at the same time. I am confident that our next generation of fully autonomous, electrified and connected vehicles will help make the cities of the future cleaner, safer and smarter.” —from a May 8, 2017 Volvo Car Group Press Release

As an example, he will underline the importance of Volvo’s electrification strategy. “We recognize the limitations of the internal combustion engine and the appetite for change in society,” Mr Samuelsson will say. “That is why we have such an ambitious target when it comes to electrification. Our commitments will not only help protect the environment and make people’s lives better and safer. They also make perfect business sense.” —from a May 8, 2017 Volvo Car Group Press Release

Volvo has been pioneering cutting-edge safety technology both active and passive for decades—in fact, the three-point seatbelt found in almost all modern cars was first developed at Volvo—and the Scandinavian automaker has no plans to slow down the pace. With a vision of the future that holds no person should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo vehicle by the year 2020, we’re well on our way to seeing what a future like that looks like, but if you’re looking for a safe, smart, reliable, and luxurious car to drive yourself, the Volvo lineup is still your best bet. Come see us in our showroom and we’ll help you find the right model to meet all your driving needs.


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