Volvo Drive Me Project is Shaping the Future of Autonomous Driving

Volvo is currently recruiting people who live in Gothenburg, Sweden to take part in Drive Me, the company's autonomous driving research project. Participants will integrate Volvo's autonomous driving technology into their daily lives while driving on public roads. Because Volvo's approach to technology is human-centric, the program is focused on enabling drivers to switch from supervised mode to unsupervised mode – giving them the opportunity to safely sit back and either relax or work, instead of having to keep their eyes on the road.

Volvo has designed a pre-selected route for participants to drive while researchers collect data regarding traffic flow, safety, user experience and energy efficiency. The research teams will work closely with the participants to gather exclusive insights and examine behind-the-wheel behavior while experiencing autonomous driving. After the pilot program starts in Sweden, new pilots will open in the United Kingdom and China, helping Volvo study different traffic environments while the autonomous vehicle learns to adjust to various settings and ultimately meet the demands of multiple customer needs, locations and scenarios.

At Brown-Daub Volvo of Lehigh Valley, we're eager to learn more about the Volvo Drive Me project as it progresses. We invite you to visit our dealership at 4046 Jandy Boulevard in Nazareth, PA, to shop our tremendous inventory of Volvo vehicles.


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