Three Volvo Core Values

In the automotive industry, Volvo is an automaker famed for its exceptional craftsmanship and artistry. Just take a look at the entire product line, and you would agree, for every model boasts fine-tuned mechanics, aesthetics, and technology. This advanced approach to engineering is based on the brand's dedication to its three core values—that is, to safety, quality, and the environment.


According to statistics calculated by the CDC, motor accidents are one of the leading causes of death each year. In response to this alarming data, Volvo dedicates its efforts to creating safer vehicles. Developing intelligent and innovative technologies that help prevent collisions and reduce injuries in realistic traffic situations, the company hopes to protect the wellbeing of their customers.


Volvo understands that the purchase of a vehicle is a significant investment. As such, they are committed to producing a lineup that provides the highest form of satisfaction. Built around the desires of the consumer, each model delivers a more precise, efficient, and flexible performance which in turn will elevate the driving experience as a whole.


As a means to uphold respect for the individual, society, and nature, Volvo aspires to create a more environmentally-friendly platform. This value plays a fundamental role in every business operation, overseeing a responsible approach in the conception of their products and services. In so doing, the company endeavors to encourage continuous dialogue about environmental issues and related.

Brown-Daub Volvo of Lehigh Valley is Proud to be a Volvo Dealer

Staying true to the three ideals listed above, Volvo has a positive reputation within the community, and Brown-Daub Volvo of Lehigh Valley is honored to be a Volvo dealership. We recommend that you visit us so that you can witness the new Volvo models personally. After a firsthand drive, you will surely see driving in a new light.


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