Volvo and Urb-it, Now Delivering to a Car Near You (If You’re in Stockholm City)

Volvo has pioneered an in-car delivery service, and now it is partnering with a local start-up company called urb-it to offer two-hour delivery services of affiliated online stores and food vendors, with options expanding as more businesses become affiliated with urb-it. The program is currently only offered in Stockholm City as a pilot during 2016, however. Take a look below for more information about this awesome collaborative service.

A service like this allows Volvo drivers an added aspect of convenience in their lives, and it changes the way we think about our cars, as well. No longer are they simply how to travel from one place to another, with a service like this, they can now essentially sign for packages and deliveries on your behalf.

The service is relatively straight-forward and convenient. When you make a purchase online with an urb-it-affiliated store, you can choose to use urb-it delivery. After you confirm the purchase and delivery, an “urber” will receive your order on their mobile device, which they can pick up by showing the store a one-time special code. Once they have your order, the package will be delivered to your vehicle within two hours using a one-time digital key to your vehicle. The idea is that, when you arrive back to your vehicle, your purchases are already waiting for you.

“We understand the value of the In-car Delivery service we have developed. We’ve all had phone calls at work from delivery people trying to deliver packages to our homes that need to be signed for when there is no one home. With our In-car Delivery service we effectively turn your car into a delivery location and assign a one-time digital key to the delivery person, effectively eliminating delivery failure.” –Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President Marketing Sales and Service at Volvo Car Group

Here at Brown-Daub Volvo of Lehigh Valley, we can’t wait to see how this new service from Volvo impacts online shopping. For 2016, the service will be tested in Stockholm City, with the goal of expanding to other European cities within a year, then the hope is to expand to approximately 200 cities worldwide by 2025. So, we still have some time before this awesome service comes to Pennsylvania, but that means you’ve got some time to get your own great Volvo model before the arrival of the In-Car Delivery Service, so you won’t miss out when it finally rolls out to us here in the U.S.

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