Which U.S. State is Most Ready for Autonomous Driving? Hint: Not Pennsylvania!

Autonomous driving, love it or hate it, is on its way down the pipeline. So in order to gauge public opinion about that fact, Volvo Cars conducted a Future of Driving survey, and as of June 28th, nearly 50,000 people had responded worldwide. Here in Pennsylvania, people seem relatively reluctant to accept autonomous driving, at least compared to folks in California and New York. But overall, most people want the government to be quicker as they plan for the inevitability of autonomous driving.



The Volvo Cars’ Future of Driving survey found that 90 percent of New Yorkers feel autonomous cars could make life easier, a belief shared by about 86 percent of Californians. The feelings aren’t so warm for drivers in Pennsylvania, Illinois, or Texas, however; only 62 percent of Pennsylvanians believe having more autonomous cars on the road will eliminate traffic accidents, versus a national average of 68 percent. In Illinois, just over half (52 percent) would trust an autonomous car to make decisions regarding safety, which is 10 perfect fewer than the national average. And for Texans, 60 percent believe autonomous cars could keep their family safer, compared to 69 percent of people across the nation.

While approval ratings varied widely from state to state, the place where most people seem to agree (90 percent of respondents) is in the belief that governments and local authorities have been and are too slow to plan for autonomous cars. Another 68 percent of people feel driving manually must be preserved, even as autonomous driving becomes the norm. What about you, where do you stand on this futuristic issue?

“The difference between states regarding the safety benefits of autonomous cars highlights why we need a federal framework for autonomous driving regulations. Volvo believes that autonomous driving vehicles should give you the freedom to choose when you want to drive and when you want to delegate driving to the car. The Future of Driving survey confirmed that consumers seek this freedom as autonomous driving technologies are introduced.” —Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO of Volvo Car USA

Here at Brown-Daub Volvo of Lehigh Valley, we’re excited to see the progress that manufacturers like Volvo are able to make in the realm of autonomous driving, but the future is not quite here, and until that day, you’re still the only one who can drive your vehicle, and speaking of, if you’re looking to upgrade your daily driver, we’ve got an awesome selection of new and pre-owned Volvo models for you to choose from. So while you weigh the pros and cons of autonomous driving, you can always upgrade your drive with a new model from Volvo.


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